Monday, May 18, 2009

Hero as a Lover

Hey! My name is Jacob Brocker. I attend John Horn High School.I like to think that I am a rather smart person. I play football,it's my thing. I'm known as that really tall freshman guy. I like to stay in pretty good shape, so i hit the gym quite a bit. Sports and music are my passion. I'm a guitarist in the making and i like all kinds of music. I'm pretty outgoing and I like hanging out with my friends and playing sports. My strengths are making pretty good grades and hard work.
My weaknesses are sometimes getting lazy and procrastinating a bit to much with my school work but I plan on improving that in my next three years of highschool. I plan on going to the University of Texas at Austin and getting my pre-med and then later going to further medical school. I live with my Mom my Step Dad and my little sister. We all get along pretty well. I don't get into many fights because im a loveable person. Though I'm not scared to use my fist I'd rather just get along with the conflict and solve it. Those who love me, support me in great ways. God, my family, and my best Friend Thomas Cortez show me that support in many ways. I'm a very hard worker when my mind is set to the task. In my eyes I'm a good person and I have many good qualites as a Hero as a Lover.


  1. Hey Jacob,

    Its so great that you alredy have a head start in life. Gettign a pre-med and goign to Texas State is a great goal. I myself have a doctorate and maybe we could get some coffee together or e-chat
    (im a big fan for tall men)
    so anyways we sould keep in touch

  2. Jacob,
    To block these weirdo commenters that you don't know, go to Settings-Comments, then choose who is able to comment on your site.

  3. Jacob, I am so very proud of you, you are smart and funny and very intelligent. You will kick that procrastation...... It is a great feeling to see you write about the things that I have struggled so hard to teach you. I love you and I will do everything I can do to be sure you have an AWESOME summer.