Monday, May 18, 2009

Hero as a Lover

Hey! My name is Jacob Brocker. I attend John Horn High School.I like to think that I am a rather smart person. I play football,it's my thing. I'm known as that really tall freshman guy. I like to stay in pretty good shape, so i hit the gym quite a bit. Sports and music are my passion. I'm a guitarist in the making and i like all kinds of music. I'm pretty outgoing and I like hanging out with my friends and playing sports. My strengths are making pretty good grades and hard work.
My weaknesses are sometimes getting lazy and procrastinating a bit to much with my school work but I plan on improving that in my next three years of highschool. I plan on going to the University of Texas at Austin and getting my pre-med and then later going to further medical school. I live with my Mom my Step Dad and my little sister. We all get along pretty well. I don't get into many fights because im a loveable person. Though I'm not scared to use my fist I'd rather just get along with the conflict and solve it. Those who love me, support me in great ways. God, my family, and my best Friend Thomas Cortez show me that support in many ways. I'm a very hard worker when my mind is set to the task. In my eyes I'm a good person and I have many good qualites as a Hero as a Lover.

Finding Myself

Those who know me know me as the guy thats easy to get along with and likes to party. To myself though, I'm not sure if thats the person I'm supposed to be. Though I am 15 years old I am still on the journey of finding out who I really am. In my mind I've made up where I want to be doing when im older but as a person, there is certain goals and aspects I would like to meet. I know that there will be many obstacles along the way but I intend on facing these by stayin close close to the ones who are truel there for me. In the end I strive for becoming a better Christian and a better person in general. Physically I strive on being in the best shape possible for me. Through hard work and determination, I look forward to the day that I can gladly say that I have accomplished all of this.

Jesus as My Mentor

Though i don't know him Physically, Jesus is my biggest mentor. Jesus set the greatest influence possible because he lived a life without sin. When I'm down with a problem I know that I can turn to him and he will not fail me on advice. He left me the greatest guidelines possible, The Bible, a book full of his words and teachings. Jesus set the archetype of the hero I am because I wish to be like him.

My Threshold Guardian

My Threshhold Guardian is my Mom. At times it seems like my Mom is taking some of the fun out of my life, but I've came to realize that she is just doing her job by helping set me up for success. Times that I am grounded it just feels like my mom doesn't want me having any fun, but it isnt that way at all, she's just tryin to help me learn good morales. She is the person who has taught me right from wrong. She is also the person who has brought me to God. My tries nothing for me but to make me the best person I can be.


In my life, procrastination is my shadow. It is the thing that brings me down the most. Procrastination keeps me from doing the best that I can do. I must learn to not wait and procrastinate on everything if I am to get where it is I want to be. When i get to the point in my life where I am as far as I can go until the finish, I must jump that last jump and conquer procrastination before i can reach the finish.

Thomas Cortez a.k.a The Trickster

Fransico Tomas Cortez IV is my trickster, and he is also my best friend. Me and him are like the Dynamic Duo but instead of crime fighting we're humor fighting persay. When we are together we just keeps the laughs going on and on. He does dumb things like put my trash can in front of my front door so I can't get out. Without Thomas my life would be dull, so I'm thankful for him.


God as a Divine being, has helped me in every situation that i've asked him too. Without God well, I wouldn't even exsist. I've recently returned to God and it has made such a difference on my life already. Without God's help I would be lost without a doubt. It seems that no matter what the problem is I can always go to him and he will never mislead me. He has my life layed out for me and he is always there to help me out with my struggles.